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Artist Talk

Anna Lambert and David Thomas (UK) will give an artist talk in their exhibition PLACE : OBJECT at Det Gule Huset. They will give us an insight in the origins of the work, their working methods and the process from idea to object.

Date:     18th of April 2018

Time:     6 pm — 8 pm

Place:    Det Gule Huset


Anna Lambert og David Thomas (UK) vil gi oss et innblikk i utgangspunktete for sine arbeider, arbeidsmetoder og prosessen fra ide til objekt.

The Artist talk foregår i utstillingen deres PLACE : OBJECT på det Gule Huset

Velkommen onsdag 18. april kl. 18— 20


Velkommen til utstillingen PLACE : OBJECT 

Det Gule Huset will be hosting an exhibition of paintings and ceramics by UK artists David Thomas and Anna Lambert from April 7th – May 6th

David Thomas’ oil paintings are closely observed still-lifes, arrangements of things both found and made: pots and bits of rubbish that have caught his eye; the disregarded, the discarded.

Simple objects in a recognisable space, formalist in conception, these still-life paintings seem almost habitable, architectural; the eye is invited to wander like a visitor in a city centre.

Having studied in South Wales, David has lived and painted in Yorkshire for nearly 30 years.

Anna Lambert makes hand built earthenware ceramics, using thin slabs of clay to create a variety of vessel forms.

She enjoys the interaction between the sculptural forms of her pots and vessels with her drawings of landscape, interpreting memories and observation through drawing to make best use of the

abstract nature of pots, their spaces, edges and surfaces.

Anna studied ceramics at Bath Academy of Art and in Lancashire. A full time maker since 1980, she has exhibited widely throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

This is David and Anna’s first exhibition in Norway.

“When we were offered this opportunity, our first thought was that it would provide an excuse to travel across Europe from Northern England to Norway by land. Historically there are many links between Yorkshire and Scandinavia. To experience the physicality of the journey is to make real the distance between our two countries.

The landscape and domestic objects of Norway that we will study while we are here will inform our future work.”


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